Monday, 25 August 2014

Honor Among Thieves

Anyone who has spent any amount of time in the BU community knows that they take care of their own. You could simply ask for a favor in their chat channel that gives the person doing the favor a certain amount of power over you and 9 times out of 10 you can trust them not to screw you over. But what about random strangers? Can you trust someone you just met?

This story starts with a capsuleer named Cyclo Hexanol looking to score some isk for the wallet. After checking the watch list he noticed a Russian player who was active from a wardec that was a few days old. After running a locator and sending an alt down to the system of Chanoun to check out the results Cyclo was very happy to see that a Mackinaw was mining in system. This unlucky capsuleers name was M0rtal Kurvora and Cyclo was about to ruin his day.

After picking out one of his favorite ships Cyclo made his way down to the targets system. He was immediately worried that the Mackinaw he had once seen was no longer at the belts. After about 10 minutes of searching with the alt he realized there was an ice belt in system.... Perfect. Upon warping to said Ice Belt with the alt he was pleased to see that the target was sitting right there. Cyclo quickly jumped into system and warped himself to the scout while the scout warped out to curb future suspicion. Upon landing the Mackinaw was pointed and webbed and taken down to hull. As per usual the pilot recieved a convo to talk ransom. A ship like this would only net Cyclo about 100 million or so in ransom but he realized the pilot eject and warp off. Well shit I dont know anyone who can pilot this thing he thought. He started negotiating for the pilot to pay to come reclaim the ship. At that moment he got another convo from someone else in the ice belt.

We are going to call this person Ashby. Though Ashby was mining ice he talked about how he had seen Dickwad Squad around before and liked them and shortly after offered to fly the Mack to a station. Cyclo was not very willing to trust Ashby as he did not know who this person was and it was a good possibility this person would run away with the 200 million isk prize. But he kept the convo open and kept talking to Ashby just to feel him out.

After about 20 minutes of trying to find assets worth 100 million from the M0rtal to be contracted as payment and him trying to find friends who could give him the ISK Cyclo  decided it was time to act. He told Ashby he would take him up on the offer and the pilot flew off to the station and came back in a capsule. The entire time the though Im about to get scammed by a miner was pounding through Cyclo's head. After breaking his lock on the Mackinaw to allow the pilot to take over the ship they both made their way to the station. 

Cyclo uttered a sigh of relief as a trade window popped up with 250 million worth of prize was transferred to his hangar.
Cyclo Transferred 20% of the prize's worth in isk to the pilot and went on his way. The Dickwad Squad had made a friend today.

Apparently There is Honor among thieves.

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