Tuesday 27 January 2015

The omnipresent shroud over EVE Online

As we all know, EVE is something special, it's unlike anything else in the gaming scene and provides around twenty to thirty thousand individuals with an escape from reality, a home away from home, which, if you ask me is pretty impressive. Now, being a unique and complex game it is easily misinterpreted by outsiders and onlookers, mixed reactions come from the media about the goings on in New Eden, as we saw with the battle of B-R5RB - Media either rejoiced over the awesome battle or shook their heads at the wasted 'money'. What I would like to focus on, however, is much more recent, and is much less controversial, in fact it's a promotional article if anything, so why am I fumed up about it? Let me explain.

PC Gamer recently posted an article entitled 'PC's most relaxing games' and you guessed it, EVE Online snagged a spot on the list. I find this odd, throughout my time playing I have found New Eden to be many things, exciting, diverse and even welcoming at times, but relaxing? I just can't place it. It is not, however, the article itself that made me look twice, it was more the content written about EVE. Andy Kelly, the writer of the article has made a little bit of a write up about EVE For us, I'll let you read that before I continue.
"Yeah, really. In the dangerous parts of New Eden, where the space-police can’t protect you, EVE is anything but relaxing. But stick to high security areas and it’s a great place to just float around admiring the cosmic scenery. If you’re a sci-fi fan, I’d say it’s worth signing up for the free trial just to experience the atmosphere. Just make sure you stay near your starting area, otherwise pirates will burst your relaxation bubble."
I have no problem with EVE getting positive attention, in fact, I welcome it, the game is diverse enough to welcome a lot of people and every person has the ability to make their mark on New Eden, however when false information is being spread I can't help but twitch. My dismay comes from a sentence in this write up, which you can probably guess goes along the lines of "But stick to high security areas and it’s a great place to just float around admiring the cosmic scenery." I'm sorry, what? The only safe place in New Eden is in a station, end of story. New players are being encouraged to put all their faith in Highsec and allow it to be that little shroud of safety I have grown to hate.

I feel like I am over reacting, I wouldn't be surprised if others also shared this thought. I do, however, believe that others should also agree with me, at least on some level. Ultimately EVE Online is a sandbox, the players are given an empty canvas and then the means to turn it into a masterpiece. I don't see falsehoods being apart of this masterpiece, it needs to be clear, from the get-go that no where is safe, no where is out of bounds. Maybe then we would see less people quitting because "someone broke the rules and ganked me in Highsec and CCP did nothing about it."

Let's put an end to the propaganda, let's try and make an EVE that isn't viewed through tinted windows, transparency is the key, we need to leave nothing out. And this, it seems, is where I place my call to arms, I ask you, next time you are asked about EVE, or even the next time you write about EVE, don't leave anything out of fears it won't appeal to an outsiders eyes, give them everything EVE has to offer and let them decide if they want to grasp onto it and fall down the rabbit hole we are all to familiar with.

Thank you for reading, have a wonderful day, and as always, stay classy.

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