Thursday, 14 August 2014

Two Kills, One Person.

Myself and Cyclo decided it was time that we go out for another hunt, we weren't sure that we'd catch anything as most of the bears had docked up and ran with their tails between their legs, but we were optimistic.

After a little bit of looking around Cyclo found a War target in Josameto, she was flying a Hurricane Fleet Issue which shouldn't be to much of a problem, so we set up the simplest trap we could think of, I sat on gate out of system and Cyclo baited out the Cane, she took the bait and I jumped in and warped to Cyclo, without much resistance pop went the Cane.

We were still on the look out for more fights but most of the targets were starting to log off and we were about done for the night, just as we were about done Cyclo found the same pilot was back in System, he soon found her to be in a Hawk, something we weren't really geared to take down - I was determined to take it down however, I just didn't want to be kited. After a little fucking around on station I managed to get the Hawk to chase me towards the back of the station, as soon as she was over the undock I docked and undocked ontop of her, engaged, as she did, to my suprise she was not kite fit and fell into a ball of firey death. 

GF's were exchanged and I was done for the night, it was a productive and enjoyable night.

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