Saturday, 16 August 2014

The story of The Double Double Cross

The night started off as normal, a bunch of docked up bears slurring insults. We couldn't find any action until Cyclo got 'trapped' in station by a Myrm, he was 14 jumps out in Vylade - I decided I'd make the trip out and see what we could do. The 14 Jumps didn't take nearly as long as I thought it might, before long I was waiting on gate for the call, as was Anne.

Cyclo undocked and warped to the sun, the Myrm took the bait and followed him straight there, as soon as Cyclo had point I jumped in and warped at my optimal - half way through warp Cyclo's trademark "Shit." echoed across comms, as I landed I was delighted to find 2 Myrms, 1 Megathron and 1 Blackbird - a little overkill for one Thorax but hey, each to there own.

I basically peaced out as soon as I landed, no way we were even getting even with those odds.

Enjoy Watching the Double Double Cross.

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