Monday, 25 August 2014

Honor Among Thieves

Anyone who has spent any amount of time in the BU community knows that they take care of their own. You could simply ask for a favor in their chat channel that gives the person doing the favor a certain amount of power over you and 9 times out of 10 you can trust them not to screw you over. But what about random strangers? Can you trust someone you just met?

This story starts with a capsuleer named Cyclo Hexanol looking to score some isk for the wallet. After checking the watch list he noticed a Russian player who was active from a wardec that was a few days old. After running a locator and sending an alt down to the system of Chanoun to check out the results Cyclo was very happy to see that a Mackinaw was mining in system. This unlucky capsuleers name was M0rtal Kurvora and Cyclo was about to ruin his day.

After picking out one of his favorite ships Cyclo made his way down to the targets system. He was immediately worried that the Mackinaw he had once seen was no longer at the belts. After about 10 minutes of searching with the alt he realized there was an ice belt in system.... Perfect. Upon warping to said Ice Belt with the alt he was pleased to see that the target was sitting right there. Cyclo quickly jumped into system and warped himself to the scout while the scout warped out to curb future suspicion. Upon landing the Mackinaw was pointed and webbed and taken down to hull. As per usual the pilot recieved a convo to talk ransom. A ship like this would only net Cyclo about 100 million or so in ransom but he realized the pilot eject and warp off. Well shit I dont know anyone who can pilot this thing he thought. He started negotiating for the pilot to pay to come reclaim the ship. At that moment he got another convo from someone else in the ice belt.

We are going to call this person Ashby. Though Ashby was mining ice he talked about how he had seen Dickwad Squad around before and liked them and shortly after offered to fly the Mack to a station. Cyclo was not very willing to trust Ashby as he did not know who this person was and it was a good possibility this person would run away with the 200 million isk prize. But he kept the convo open and kept talking to Ashby just to feel him out.

After about 20 minutes of trying to find assets worth 100 million from the M0rtal to be contracted as payment and him trying to find friends who could give him the ISK Cyclo  decided it was time to act. He told Ashby he would take him up on the offer and the pilot flew off to the station and came back in a capsule. The entire time the though Im about to get scammed by a miner was pounding through Cyclo's head. After breaking his lock on the Mackinaw to allow the pilot to take over the ship they both made their way to the station. 

Cyclo uttered a sigh of relief as a trade window popped up with 250 million worth of prize was transferred to his hangar.
Cyclo Transferred 20% of the prize's worth in isk to the pilot and went on his way. The Dickwad Squad had made a friend today.

Apparently There is Honor among thieves.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

A lesson learnt the hard way & more ganks.

Suicide ganking has always held a soft spot in my heart and today I decided I'd have another crack at it after a long hiatus from the 'scene' after some deliberation I headed to a system and got a fairly clean gank off on a Rettie (see previous blog post) which really got me going again - I was eager to gank more of these young, feeble children of the veldspar.

As eager as I was, nothing excuses my next embarrassing fuck up. I had found another Rettie and scanned it down, it had some tank but nothing that my current 600 DPS couldn't chew through, I set up a warp in and got straight to work, overheated and just as I broke armour CONCORD slapped me on my ass and told me to move on, rudely. I was a bit confused because I knew I had 13 Seconds in a 0.5 System, after checking around some shit I realised I just ganked a Rettie in the same belt as my last gank, CONCORD were already sitting in the belt before I started.

Let this be a lesson to anyone that is stupid enough to read my shitty blog, check your surroundings and always be aware, you never know what might be lying around.

As embarrassed as I was I didn't want to end the night on a sour note so I jumped in another Catalyst and started scouting the belts for more targets - this time I checked for CONCORD as well.. after a while I hopped system and found another Retriever, I suited up scanned that bitch down and found his extremely powerful tank.. a civilian shield booster.

I warped Dexter in at 0 and started pounding the Rettie. Remember that extremely powerful tank I mentioned earlier? The pilot didn't touch it - Miners, don't fit active tanks if you're just gonna AFK. Soon enough the Rettie was crushed into dust, as was the unfortunate miner's pod.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Gank for Glory

I finally got my alt (who I'm not going to name for obvious reasons) set up and into a ship scanning venture so I decided I'd test it out and do a little suicide gank. After a little bit of looking around I found a target, a small fleet of miners, specificity a Retriever. I got the Venture up nice and close, gave a few scans to the Retriever which I found to have absolutely no tank whatsoever, which is interesting, like holy crap, how hard is it to slap a few fucking mods on a barge..

I undocked Dexter in a Catalyst and warped to my alt at the Catalyst's optimal and pre-heated my two groups of guns, I am using two groups of guns because of my shitty fitting skills, so don't ask questions. I actually forgot to set my safety to red because I have multiple retardations but an earlier bump from my Venture saved the day, as soon as I got my safety sorted I fucked shit up and the Rettie popped in a matter of seconds, I didn't go for the pod because I can't afford to lose the Sec-status at the moment.

I quickly swapped back to my alt who we shall call Riddick, and scooped loot. I made around 6,000,000 ISK from the loot which wasn't a profit but who gives a fuck, this haughty miner scum attempted to mine without a Permit! As I am no CODE Agent I was unable to assist him in that matter, but maybe it will make the arrogant bear think twice about mining without a permit. 

Kill of the week goes to Cyclo Hexanol for his amazing effort under duress to take down this Special Edition Mammoth. Cyclo truly is a master of unfair PvP.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

The story of The Double Double Cross

The night started off as normal, a bunch of docked up bears slurring insults. We couldn't find any action until Cyclo got 'trapped' in station by a Myrm, he was 14 jumps out in Vylade - I decided I'd make the trip out and see what we could do. The 14 Jumps didn't take nearly as long as I thought it might, before long I was waiting on gate for the call, as was Anne.

Cyclo undocked and warped to the sun, the Myrm took the bait and followed him straight there, as soon as Cyclo had point I jumped in and warped at my optimal - half way through warp Cyclo's trademark "Shit." echoed across comms, as I landed I was delighted to find 2 Myrms, 1 Megathron and 1 Blackbird - a little overkill for one Thorax but hey, each to there own.

I basically peaced out as soon as I landed, no way we were even getting even with those odds.

Enjoy Watching the Double Double Cross.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Two Kills, One Person.

Myself and Cyclo decided it was time that we go out for another hunt, we weren't sure that we'd catch anything as most of the bears had docked up and ran with their tails between their legs, but we were optimistic.

After a little bit of looking around Cyclo found a War target in Josameto, she was flying a Hurricane Fleet Issue which shouldn't be to much of a problem, so we set up the simplest trap we could think of, I sat on gate out of system and Cyclo baited out the Cane, she took the bait and I jumped in and warped to Cyclo, without much resistance pop went the Cane.

We were still on the look out for more fights but most of the targets were starting to log off and we were about done for the night, just as we were about done Cyclo found the same pilot was back in System, he soon found her to be in a Hawk, something we weren't really geared to take down - I was determined to take it down however, I just didn't want to be kited. After a little fucking around on station I managed to get the Hawk to chase me towards the back of the station, as soon as she was over the undock I docked and undocked ontop of her, engaged, as she did, to my suprise she was not kite fit and fell into a ball of firey death. 

GF's were exchanged and I was done for the night, it was a productive and enjoyable night.