Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The Beginnings of an Empire

I have been many places throughout my time playing EVE, nullsec corporations and alliances, small industrial corporations, lowsec piracy and factional warfare all the way through to the interesting and dynamic opportunities provided by solo work. It's safe to say that I have seen a lot, so when something comes along that truly impresses me and creates a sense of accomplishment in myself it must be something out of the ordinary, something special. 

Out of the ordinary is exactly what my new home, Slaver's Union is. The aim is to essentially turn highsec PvP into a new player friendly and easily accessible activity, although our promoted activities are not necessarily considered 'mainstream' in anyway we have found our niche. When someone sets out to both help out new players and create a steady flow of content for said players it can go one of two ways - crash and burn with little to no success, or, slowly begin to form into an entity that is both feared and respected, examples of which can be found in Brave Newbies or Red VS Blue, in the case of Slaver's Union, I believe the latter is occurring, we are sitting on something that has the potential to be huge. 

What really triggered this sense of astonishment was our first real fleet operation, although small, seeing it accomplish its goal was more than satisfying. To give you an idea of what we are working with let me start by saying three of the members of the eight man fleet were under a month old, in comparison to the enemy force we were expecting, we were essentially out gunned, however our moral stayed strong - something that was yet another surprise. We formed a Logistics wing and a DPS wing and began planning.

The main strategy was to force a fight from the enemy corporation (and its backup) as a previously bashed POCO came out of reinforced, simple, right? Not quite. We had Intel to suggest and warrant the enemy bringing at least two command ships, namely the Eos and Damnation, alone they would most likely break us. We informed the fleet of our situation and their immediate response was "Fuck it, let's fight." We were on. We landed on grid about a minute after the POCO's timer expired and immediately applied DPS while logi sat off grid in a close by safe, ready to be called in if required. The enemy at this point has not formed, and hence the resistance was naturally minimal, we faced a lone Tornado whose presence was shrugged off easily by logi reps, his situation quickly became aware to himself and he left grid, and soon after, system.

Before long the POCO location was ours, although not originally the intention we saw no reason not to claim it as it could bring in income as well as content if they were to try and reclaim it. All this is well and good, however it is not my intention to brag about how we defeated a non existent force, rather to congratulate everyone involved in the op, for most in the fleet it was their first time taking real orders, their first time maintaining good comms and for some, and even for some, their first time in a fleet. Despite all of this everyone maintained themselves, targets were followed and orders were adhered to, our moral was insane, the newbro's willingness to fight was at the very least inspiring. When I sat there, peering at a fully independent fleet all I could think of is where we have come from, a tiny corporation set out to help new players into some fun, immersive gameplay is now the figurehead of an Alliance.

Slaver's Union continues to impress me every day and I believe it will for months, even years to come, we are here to stay, more importantly we are here to oppress your neighbour.

Fly Safe.

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